Is Wood Staining Your Home's Exterior Worth It?

May 23, 2022

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Wood staining is an excellent way to create a stunning new style for your home’s exterior. A darker stain color might offer a more traditional look while lighter stain helps modernize a home. Fresh stain can also ensure your home’s exterior walls coordinate with a deck, fence, or other nearby detail.

However, staining exterior walls is often time-consuming and expensive. In turn, homeowners might ask if it’s worth that cost and effort. The short answer is yes, staining is well worth its price and time! To ensure you’re keeping your home in good condition both inside and out, check out some added information about wood staining.

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Is Wood Staining Exterior Walls Worth It?

First note that wood is susceptible to fading, cracking, mold, and other damage over the years. Second, exposure to moisture, sunlight, and harsh weather conditions increase the risk of damage. In turn, it’s vital that you protect wood against this exposure as much as possible.

Stains offer a protective layer between wood surfaces and outside weather as well as high humidity levels. Additionally, oils and other materials in stain nourish wood and keep it from getting brittle. Consequently, staining protects wood from damage while ensuring it looks its best.

Is It Better to Paint or Stain a House?

Paint and stain have advantages and disadvantages. One reason to consider a stain is that it lets the appearance of wood show through, for a more natural look than paint. Two, you can start with a light stain and then add darker colors as needed more easily than with paint.

Another important concern is that stain is typically cheaper than paint! This is a vital consideration when you think about the expense of wood staining large exterior walls. Furthermore, stain dries faster and is less likely to show brush marks and other application imperfections than paint.

On the other hand, paint colors offer more variety than stain. Also, paint covers a wider range of imperfections in wood. Additionally, paint colors tend to last longer than stain before they fade and need reapplying.

If you’re not sure the right choice for your property, ask a painting contractor near you for advice. He or she can evaluate your home’s condition and your needs. In turn, they can advise the right choice for providing the stunning finish you want along your home’s exterior.

What Are the Disadvantages of Wood Stain?

Wood stain offers excellent protection for wood but of course it has some disadvantages. The first is that stain might last for only five years or so before it needs reapplying. Second, dense hardwoods don’t hold stain very well, often resulting in a poor-quality finish.

Also, since wood stain doesn’t cover the material completely, it can offer a less reliable finish than paint. In turn, you might notice darker areas of the same wall after wood staining! Additionally, even with the protection it provides, wood might still require a sealant or preservative application over the stain every few years.

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Benefits of Wood Staining

Despite its few disadvantages, many homeowners still prefer wood stain over paint. One reason is that stain doesn’t cover wood completely, offering a more natural look. If you love the appearance of wood grain and natural knots, stain is the right choice for you!

Also, wood staining allows you to control its color and coverage easily. You can apply a light stain and note if that offers the tone you prefer. If not, you can then add another coat or a darker stain. On the other hand, if paint color doesn’t come out as expected, it can be difficult to start over!

Oil-based stains also offer some added protection for wood, keeping it from drying out. In turn, your wood surfaces enjoy more protection over the years when you choose stain. You’ll then have a stunning exterior surface for many years to come when you choose stain!

Does Wood Stain Fade Over Time?

Wood stain does tend to fade over time so that it eventually needs reapplication. Harsh sunlight and extreme weather conditions can speed up this process. Also, dense hardwoods don’t hold stain very well, as said. In turn, their stained surfaces might fade more quickly than others.

While stain does need reapplication over time, don’t assume that this means paint is a better choice for wood. After all, paint also tends to fade over time! Additionally, paint can peel, bubble, and chip, especially in areas exposed to harsh sunlight. Even power washing can peel paint when done incorrectly!

Consequently, ensure you’ve considered all the pros and cons of both paint and stain before choosing. Making an informed decision ensures you’re happy with the result for years to come. Also, you’ll better understand needed maintenance over the years as well.

Which Is Better, Oil or Water Based Stain?

First note that water-based stains dry faster, making them a better choice for decks. Also, water-based stains are not flammable and apply with fewer odors. They also fade more slowly than oil-based stains, so they need reapplication less often. Additionally, water-based stains contain fewer harmful chemicals, making them an eco-friendlier choice than oil-based stains.

On the other hand, oil-based stains penetrate wood more effectively, offering added protection. This added penetration also means less work and time to apply an oil-based stain. As an oil-based stain takes longer to dry, it’s easier to go back over the stain and smooth out brush strokes.

A paint and stain contractor can offer advice on the best choice for your home. He or she can note the wood type of exterior walls and coverage they need. He or she can also advise on maintenance each stain type needs over the years.

Minneapolis Exterior House Painting Pros is happy to provide this information about exterior wood staining to our readers. Hopefully you found it helpful in choosing the right treatment for your property. If you’re ready to give your home a fresh new look, call our experienced Minneapolis painting contractors today. We offer FREE quotes and expert services guaranteed in writing. To get your property started on the stunning paint or stain it needs, feel free to contact us right now.

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