How Hard Is It to Paint Your Own Minneapolis House? (Experts Weigh In)

June 3, 2022

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Residential painting in Minneapolis often seems like a manageable DIY project. After all, you can find hundreds of “how to” videos online and the tools needed at any local hardware store! However, interior and especially exterior painting are often more difficult than homeowners realize.

Before you decide to tackle a house painting project, consider some cautions about trying this work on your own. This will ensure you don’t waste time or money but do end up with a stunning paint job you love!

A contractor performing residential painting in Minneapolis.

Is Residential Painting in Minneapolis Hard?

There are a few reasons why residential painting in Minneapolis is often harder than it looks! Consider a few of those reasons here:

  • A homeowner should clean all surfaces thoroughly before painting. In turn, you might need to rent power washing equipment. Even with a power washer, however, trying to reach all those nooks and crannies along a home’s exterior is challenging!
  • Outdoor surfaces need proper prep before painting. This preparation can include scraping peeling metal, filling in damaged wood, or repairing chipped brick. Not only is this work difficult but a homeowner might not realize the right preparation methods for various materials.
  • Taping off areas you don’t want painted is often time-consuming and difficult! Additionally, it’s vital that you cover electrical outlets and fixtures properly.
  • Stains need proper covering before painting so that they don’t show through after paint application.
  • Different surfaces need different brushes for proper paint application. For instance, use a roller with thick nap for brick and stucco. Thick, deep nap penetrates all those surface pits and pores, for a smooth and even coverage.

Note that all these steps come before you even start painting! In some cases, you might also need to apply a primer before painting. Consequently, it’s often more difficult and time-consuming to paint a home than property owners realize.

Do You Paint a House From Top to Bottom?

When painting a house, work from top to bottom. Also, ensure you move your sprayer or brushes in a smooth, controlled motion. Overlap each stroke by a few inches so that there are no gaps or thin areas that show through.

A home prepared for residential painting in Minneapolis

Additionally, you might stop your work every few feet and double-check the results. If you see that the paint is not penetrating a surface or offering proper coverage, switch brushes or adjust your sprayer. Also, uneven coverage might indicate the need for primer!

Above all, ensure you don’t drip or “glop” your paint during the process. If so, it’s vital that you smooth over those areas quickly! Failing to do this can mean an uneven paint job and overly thick paint that peels away quickly. That's why, we always recommend hiring a professional painter to do the exterior.

How Often Should You Paint the Exterior of a House?

On average, you might paint your home’s exterior every 5 to 10 years. However, there are several factors that affect paint durability and color. These issues might mean that your home needs painting far more often than every 5 to 10 years:

  • Strong, direct sunlight can fade paint color. Many homes suffer uneven fading, as one wall or section might get more sunlight than another! In turn, you might need to paint those sections or areas once or more in between full-house painting appointments.
  • Rain also fades color and can get behind paint, causing chips and bubbling. Homes in the tropics often need painting every few years due to heavy, consistent rain.
  • Poor-quality paint might fade or peel more quickly than durable paint brands. In turn, invest in high-quality paints when tackling this project.
  • Unprofessional power washing often results in chipped or otherwise damaged paint. If you pressure wash your home yourself, you might need to paint every few years!
  • Storm debris, soot, air pollution residues, grass clippings, and other debris often stain or damage paint. If you notice these debris clinging to your home consistently, consider annual or semi-annual painting.

Also, schedule painting as often as needed to ensure your home always looks its best. For instance, if you update a fence or patio area, old paint might look even more outdated. New paint can also make a home more attractive to prospective buyers. In turn, consider a fresh paint job if you’re thinking of putting your home on the market.

Minneapolis Exterior House Painting Pros is happy to provide this information about residential painting in Minneapolis to our readers. Hopefully it helped answer your questions! If you’re in the market for expert painting, call our experienced Minneapolis residential painting contractors. We offer FREE quotes and guaranteed services. To find out more, just call us today.


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