Protective Wood Staining for Minneapolis Homes

We Make Wood Staining in Minneapolis Look Easy!

However, we do want to remind you that it is not easy, which is why it is essential to hire a professional Minneapolis wood staining contractor.

Using the right tools and stain brands is essential to ensuring your wood looks incredible and is protected from the elements. Our company specializes in staining wood decks, patios, and more.

We've been in business since 2012 but possess decades of experience working under master painters. We'll set you up with a FREE design consultation and estimate when you call us right now. Are you ready for our house painting in Minneapolis?

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Why Should I Stain My Wood Deck?

We're so glad you asked! So, outdoor wood staining in Minneapolis is integral to preserving your deck's appearance and longevity. Let's dive a bit deeper into the benefits, shall we? Check it out:

  • Proper deck staining prevents wood from rotting
  • It offers an increased level of protection from UV rays and moisture
  • Protects wood from the wear and tear of walking
  • Preserve the aesthetic appeal of your deck's wood grain
  • Stain is much easier to apply and maintain versus paint

We highly recommend that you stain all of your outdoor wooden surfaces and not just the deck. As you can see, stain protects the wood and enhances its beauty keeping it usable for the long term.

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Don't Put Off Staining Your Outdoor Minneapolis Wood!

Whether you choose Minneapolis paint staining or traditional wood stain, you'll have an increased level of protection on your surfaces. Allowing a wood deck or patio to be "bare" in the outdoor elements is basically asking for trouble.

You see, the sun, rain, animal droppings, and other environmental materials can quickly break down wood, causing costly repairs and safety issues. Did you know that stain protects wood against mold and mildew? There are many benefits to staining your wood surfaces other than simply aesthetic reasons.

Although a stained deck certainly enhances the curb appeal of your home. Have you peeked at our featured image gallery yet? There, you'll see many examples of our deck staining projects.

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Minneapolis' Most Top-Rated Wood Staining Team

Wood staining in Minneapolis is definitely our painting company's specialty. We enjoy making decks, and other outdoor wooden surfaces look amazing. All it takes is a fresh coat of stain or paint to make handrails, stairs, and even wood flower boxes look brand new.

Did you know that the stains we use come in various colors? With Minneapolis Exterior House Painting Pros, you always have options and ways to personalize your outdoor spaces.

The products that we use are backed by foolproof warranties and are made from the highest-quality ingredients so that your wood is properly preserved. We look forward to breathing new life into your exterior wood surfaces through the power of staining!



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Providing Minneapolis with Loads of Painting Options!

The Minneapolis Exterior House Painting Pros is happy to provide high-quality painting services for residential and commercial customers. From exterior to interior painting and staining, you'll find everything that you need to make your space brighter and more aesthetically pleasing with our team of color experts.

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Minneapolis Exterior House Painting Pros breathes new life into your residential and commercial buildings through fresh coats of paint. How can we transform your space today? Call for a FREE estimate (763) 363-2373
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